TORNADO WASHER-DRYER Increased can stability through vacuum suction system
Up to 8000cpm
Automatic nozzle height adjustment as standard
Choice of belt material

Tornado Dryers

The Tornado Dryer, designed and developed by Greenbank Technology, reduces Energy and Floor Space required by conventional Dryers by up to 60%.


With continual Can light weighting and taller can production the Tornado dryer has effectively replaced conventional Can Washer Dryers in the industry. The Tornado Dryer provides vastly improved can stability, whilst drying the can in under 60 seconds.


Developed by Greenbank and combined with our Torrent washers, the Tornado dryer removes all traces of moisture from your cans ready for flawless decoration.


Features and Benefits

High quality processing

  • Up to 8000cpm can be dried in 60 seconds
  • Automatic nozzle height adjustment for your full range of can sizes
  • Can stability is maintained throughout the process via a vacuum suction system

Save money and space

  • Significant energy savings thanks to highly efficient burners, fewer yet more effective fans, short machine length, variable speed drives and efficient thermal transfer
  • Choose between an energy efficient Kevlar or stainless steel belt
  • Save on floor space with a reduced footprint

Convenient and safe

  • Easy access roof points make maintenance safe and simple
  • Optional belt vacuum system on the infeed helps reduce water transfer and mobility enhancer build up inside the Tornado

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