Automatic height adjustment as standard
Accommodating of all can sizes and lacquers
Efficient direct driven fans and high efficiency burners lower overall running costs

Internal Bake Ovens

The Greenbank IBO is designed and manufactured with the collective goal of reducing energy consumption. It provides an environmentally friendly workplace by ensuring no fume spillage through the front and rear capture zones. These capture zones also eliminate cold air infiltration into hot zones, thus reducing the build-up of condensate.


State of the art manufacturing equipment and techniques ensure that Greenbank ovens are of the highest quality standards available.


Features and Benefits

High quality processing

  • Cures internal and external laquers up to 6000cpm @ 211 dia.
  • Three customisable zones with automatic height adjustment easily accommodate all lacquers and can sizes.
  • Exceptionally low spoilage rates from excellent air temperature uniformity.
  • PTFE belt eliminates metal fines.
  • Cooling zones rapidly reduce the temperature of the cans to preserve the life of your transport conveyor belts.
  • Separate exhaust fans (Zone 1 and Zone 2&3) and continuously welded interior construction reduce the build-up of condensate.

Save money and space

  • Efficiently designed fans, automatic nozzle adjustment and high efficiency burners as standard deliver industry leading efficiency lowering your overall cost of ownership.
  • We design and manufacture each oven to meet your requirements including lacquer specification and can throughput.

Convenient and safe

  • Sized and designed with safety in mind, our exhaust system is designed to exceed the safe lower explosive limits for your lacquers.
  • Removable nozzles make cleaning easier and safer.
  • Easy-access roof points make maintenance simple and safe.
  • Cool Wall construction reduce hot areas on the oven external surfaces and reduces heat transfer into plant.

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